What you can do to help

Getting involved in Crossing Borders is a unique opportunity for personal growth and development. By becoming a project mentor, you will establish a meaningful connection with your project partner, assuming responsibility for the effective utilization of funds, providing invaluable guidance on project implementation, and conducting on-site visits to ensure progress.
We value your creativity and encourage you to explore innovative ideas to enhance support and amplify our impact.

Support the idea

You can contribute by sharing our passion, spreading the news, and actively bringing in your thoughts and ideas.
We are continuously on the lookout for new ideas, networking opportunities, exciting project concepts, and driven individuals that share our commitment.


All members of Crossing Borders are volunteers.

We ensure that financial contributions to Crossing Borders are used effectively in pursuit of the goals of our association. This guarantees that your donations are used to help our partner programs and increase the educational possibilities for children.

It is simple: you donate, and we make certain that your money goes directly to the cause!


If you are affiliated with a company or organization and you are looking to set up your own aid program, we can help you by sharing our experiences with you, or we can explore options to cooperate. 

Due to the charitable status of our association, donations are fully tax-deductible in Austria. The registration number for tax deduction is SO 1642.

Our bank details:
Account holder: Crossing Borders – Education for Children
Bank name: Bank Austria
IBAN:           AT261200052966060901