What is Crossing Borders?

Crossing Borders‘ history is deeply intertwined with the remarkable journey of OMICRON, a company driven by a vision to create a positive global impact. Born out of the collective aspiration of its members to make the world a better place, our organization has consistently striven to translate success into meaningful change. As OMICRON flourished in the early 1990s, our dedicated members sought avenues to share this success and extend a helping hand towards transforming lives for the better. Our focus on empowering children in underdeveloped regions through educational opportunities stems from the profound belief that it allows us to maximize the impact of our available resources. It is with this profound sense of purpose that our first projects were funded in 1995, and to this day, each initiative continues to be nurtured under the guidance of a dedicated Crossing Borders member.

Crossing Borders has operated as a stand-alone association since 2011 and is a licensed charity in Austria.

The people behind Crossing Borders

Behind the pursuits of Crossing Borders are individuals driven solely by their passion to make a difference. Every task undertaken within our organization is carried out by volunteers who generously contribute their free time. We welcome both present and former employees of the OMICRON group, as well as their families, into our fold, and our community currently thrives with the active involvement of over 100 passionate individuals.

At Crossing Borders, we provide the necessary resources, while our remarkable people invest their time and energy dedicating themselves to a good cause in various ways.   

Getting involved in Crossing Borders is a unique opportunity for personal growth and development. By becoming a project mentor, you will establish a meaningful connection with your project partner, assuming responsibility for the effective utilization of funds, providing invaluable guidance on project implementation, and conducting on-site visits to ensure progress. We value your creativity and encourage you to explore innovative ideas to enhance support and amplify our impact.

An elected Crossing Borders Core Team makes decisions on support, and we foster a culture where every member of our organization is welcomed and encouraged to participate. In addition, we are fortunate to have the support of more than 40 additional volunteers who actively contribute to Crossing Borders initiatives as project mentors or in various other capacities. Their dedication and enthusiasm add an extra dimension to our collective efforts.