What does Crossing Borders do ?

The aim of this cooperation project between Austrian partners and four local NGOs in Nicaragua is to encourage young people to actively claim their rights and to support the development of a critical, humanitarian consciousness.

While Nicaraguan youth laws are principally progressive, their implementation is unsatisfactory. Neglect on the side of the government creates various problems: There is no comprehensive access to education; effective drug prevention initiatives are missing; and insecurity and violence, especially sexual violence against women, are common. The project aims at creating alternative perspectives for young people by building capacities and awareness in the involved organizations through trainings, workshops and an exchange of knowledge. Educational opportunities, start-up support, medical and psychological care, as well as self-help groups are made accessible to young people. The project also offers purposeful leisure activities and aims at involving young people into decision-making processes. A special focus is placed on those living on the margins of society (i.e. gang members).


Horizont 3000 Dreik√∂nigsaktion der Katholischen Jungschar √Ėsterreich Lokale Partner



Ciudad Sandino, Managua, Bilwi (Nicaragua)