What does Crossing Borders do ?

The current project continues an earlier cooperation between Crossing Borders and the Simiatug project, which focused on improving the situation of children in the region. Currently, efforts are directed at the maintenance and improvement of daycare facilities.

Due to reduced state subsidies for children’s daycare, several facilities in the region are in a bad condition and face the risk of being closed down. The negative effects of closing down these daycare centers would affect especially the supervised children and their families. The project aims at supporting those facilities by completing necessary repairs and building modifications, providing furniture and educational toys, setting up playground facilities and by putting solar-powered hot water installations into place. The necessary equipment is mainly produced locally, which further supports the local economy.

How to support this project?

The project is looking for volunteers to directly support the work in Ecuador. Especially the help of skilled craftsmen in order to support the renovation of the daycare facilities is welcome. Also young people motivated to work with children are needed. Tourists travelling to the Simiatug region can help by donating color pens, air balloons and musical instruments.


Grupo Simiatug Llakta


Simiatug Region (Ecuador)