What does Crossing Borders do ?

The MUSOL project is trying to provide women in the mining sector of Potosí with a stable livelihood and an improved future.

The mining industry is the most important economic sector in the poor region of Potosí. The substandard working and living conditions of the miners are largely neglected. The project is focused on widows and underprivileged women in and around this industry. MUSOL provides psychological care, legal counseling, opportunities for participation and opportunities to earn additional income. Aff ected people are involved directly and given an active voice. Children are supported by two daycare facilities where they receive comprehensive care and educational support in the form of counseling and scholarships.

How to support this project?

The MUSOL project is looking for people with management experience in order to develop the project further or with ideas on how to improve the production and marketing of self-produced jewelry as well as social workers, medical staff for focused therapies and people with experience in introducing new technology.


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Potosi (Bolivia)