What does Crossing Borders do ?

The organization "Schulprojekte Theo Fritsche" supports the construction and operation of schools in remote locations in Nepal. Direct aid and reconstruction support have become the main focus of activities after the devastating earthquake in 2015.

Efforts to improve the Nepalese education system have mainly focused on cities and agglomerations. Rural and remote areas are still lagging far behind. The Theo Fritsche project is focusing its effort on these regions. By now, four schools and a technical academy (vocational college) have been set up. In addition, support was provided to a local orphanage. After the April 2015 earthquake, the focus was placed on providing immediate assistance (food, shelters, construction materials, etc.) and reconstruction support. Future plans include the renovation and enlargement of existing school buildings and the realization of the "Theo Fritsche Health Clinic".

How to support this project?

The project is searching for used medical equipment in order set up the »Theo Fritsche Health Clinic«, teaching material (textbooks, school supplies) and second-hand IT equipment. opportunities for voluntary engagement in Nepal are available. Finally, journeys to Nepal help to build up tourism and generate income for the local population.


Schulprojekte Theo Fritsche