What does Crossing Borders do ?

Ā»CHILDREN-NepalĀ« works to promote the rights, welfare and development of children and youth living on the margins of society. The "Fulbari Resource Center" is conceived as a place where children and their families get an opportunity to catch up on missed learning and improve their educational attainment.

Since 2006, Nepal is witnessing a democratic transition process. However, especially children are still facing numerous challenges stemming from caste hierarchies, gender discrimination and child abuse. The Fulbari Resource Center supports the community-building efforts of CHILDREN-Nepal and offers a wide range of trainings and workshops on different topics (career counselling, vocational training, family counselling and community building). The facility also off ers housing and food for the participants. Families in need are supported by microloans and fair-trade handcraft projects.

How to support this project?

The project is looking for school supplies. Experts with knowledge about ecological village design are welcome as well as volunteers willing to support communication activities and working at the farm of the Fulbari Resource Center.




Kaski district (Nepal)