What does Crossing Borders do ?

The "Sumdaritsetseg kindergarten" (Mongolian for "flower") was founded by Michelle Binderiya in 2011 in order to provide poor and disadvantaged children in Mongolia with a place in daycare.

Mongolia lacks kindergartens, especially the children of less-privileged families often cannot aff ord attending any facility. Currently, less than half of the children in pre-school age in the Darkhan-Uul region are attending a daycare institution. The Sumdaritsetseg kindergarten provides a safe and caring environment. The children receive pre-school teaching which forms the basis of a comprehensive education later on. The availability of daycare also enables parents to work and improve the family income. Currently about hundred children aged two to five benefit from the project, the majority of them coming from a poor background. The kindergarten also provides stable employment and housing opportunities for pre-school teachers.

How to support this project?

The project is looking for support in order to work more intensively together with the parents on topics like preventive healthcare, dental hygiene and healthy diet. Another topic is the continuous education of the pedagogical staff .


Michelle Binderiya
Arthur and Margit Natter


Darkhan (Mongolia)