What does Crossing Borders do ?

The "Dipshikha Electrical Skill Improvement Project (DESI)" was initiated by the NGO »Shanti-Schweiz« in cooperation with the local NGO Dipshikha in Bangladesh. The aim of this cooperation is to provide young people with a professional education in electrical engineering.

In 2007, a school for electrical engineering was founded and a new school building was completed in 2009. By attending theoretical and practical lessons during their two-year education, students receive comprehensive training. A special focus is placed on solar technology. Their education allows the graduates to fi nd work in the electrical energy sector. Skilled professionals are frequently sought after in Bangladesh, especially in the newly emerging solar industry. The education provided by the DESI-Project is able to meet these demands. Up until now, all graduates were able to fi nd stable employment in the region and can support their families with a regular income.

How to support this project?

The project is looking for people with a professional background in electrical engineering in order to support the education of teachers and convey knowledge about new technology. Civil service positions are also available, preferably for skilled electricians.






Rudrapur (Bangladesh)