What does Crossing Borders do ?

The project focuses on supporting rural development in the densely populated Mdabulo region in Tanzania. In cooperation with Crossing Borders, it has been possible to build a kindergarten and to support orphans and young adults in need with a dedicated house renovation program.

The organization "Eine Weltgruppe Schlins/Röns" brings together people with experience in development aid, and focuses on contributing to the long-term sustainable development in the target region. The original focus on agricultural questions and erosion control has been broadened to include other topics as well: the construction of childcare facilities; the support of orphans and young adults; ensuring a safe supply of drinking water; and the organization of rural vocational education centers. An emphasis is placed on the setting up of a reliable and long-term oriented local partner organization, the "Rural Development Organization Mdabulo".

How to support this project?

The project is looking for further support with the house renovation program and the enlargement of vocational training facilities. Supporters with expert knowledge in the construction of basic power supply systems are welcome. Also, teaching material for electrical engineering training is needed.


Eine Weltgruppe Schlins/Röns
RDO Mdabulo


Mdabulo, Iringa region (Tanzania)