What does Crossing Borders do ?

The project supports the construction of additional school buildings in the Senegalese village of Mballing. In addition to the pupils, their families, local construction workers, and local supply companies also profit from these activities.

The population growth in the village of Mballing has caused a need for new and improved teaching facilities. Up to now, three classroom buildings and sanitary facilities have been built. Currently, the erection of a multi-purpose hall and additional facilities such as a library, studying rooms for the pupils, and additional classrooms are planned. The activities do not only improve the educational infrastructure but also provide continuous employment for about 25 to 30 local crafstpeople. Local suppliers prof t as well.

How to support this project?

Volunteers ready to support the work in Senegal as translators (German/French) or those willing to contribute to the activities at the schools, for example as photographers and filmmakers for documentation purposes, are welcome. Professional expertise regarding the construction of additional buildings is needed. Volunteers in Vorarlberg are welcome to support fundraising activities and the organization of aid transports.


Association "Wissen macht Stark"


Mballing (Senegal)