What does Crossing Borders do ?

With this project, the association "Ubuntu Namibia" supports the construction of a residential building for the Blydskap pre-primary school.

Basic education is mandatory in Namibia and education in public schools is free of charge. Extra costs need to be covered by the families themselves. The Blydskap pre-primary school is especially supporting children from poor backgrounds, mostly orphans, with a successful start into their educational career. Ubuntu Namibia offers additional support by providing the school supplies, clothes, accommodation and food. The new residential building allows to make these educational opportunities available for children from more far-away locations, who are required to live separately from their families over longer periods of time in order to be able to attend the pre-school.

How to support this project?

The project is still trying to organize school text books, school uniforms, writing material and other items required for a smooth operation of the pre-school. The teachers would urgently need a functional laptop. The residential building is currently missing a functioning heating system, also blankets and wardrobes would be needed.


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