What does Crossing Borders do ?

"boNGO Worldwide" tries to improve the standards for education in Malawi. In the current project, a cooperation between two educational institutions in Malawi has been initiated in order to further improve the quality of teaching. and bring together children from different backgrounds

Early education in Malawi is often characterized by a lack of resources and qualified personnel. Effective state support is lacking as well. At the model childcare center in Umodzi-Mbame where every year about 100 children are taught by qualified teachers, the methods of Montessori pedagogy are used in order to support the learning process. Required education material is produced in an own workshop, which in turn offers apprenticeship positions for young adults. The partnership between Umodzi-Mbame and the Mini-Me nursery and primary school allows teachers in both institutions to learn from each other and share experiences. The project also brings together children from various backgrounds and helps to build friendships.

How to support this project?

The School Linking Project is looking for educational experts with a professional experience in pedagogy (Montessori methods or others). Also skilled artisans and other people willing to support the work in Malawi are welcome.


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