What is Crossing Borders?

We support children and young people in less-developed regions by improving their educational opportunities

Taking the statement "We change the world for the better" as its motto, Crossing Borders is focused on making a sustainable contribution in less fortunate regions of the world.

Education enables children and young people to lead a better and more independent life. If knowledge and experience are passed on, a sustainable and self-perpetuating effect is achieved that allows families and whole communities to progress. By focusing our efforts on poor regions, we achieve the most comprehensive effect with our available resources.

As an independent association, we have currently 190 members worldwide. Up until now, we have supported projects in 34 countries and on four continents.

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What do we do?

Financial assistance and organizational support for projects

Crossing Borders offers financial assistance and organizational support to projects that improve the education opportunities of children and young people in disadvantaged regions of the world. In special cases, projects in other regions are also supported. More rarely, we support the charitable engagement of our associations members financially through donations.

Additionally, we also try to foster networks of knowledge exchange and communication activities that aim at enhancing social awareness and social competencies.

How to support us?

Support the idea

By sharing our passion, spreading the word and actively bringing in your thoughts and ideas, you are making a contribution. We are always looking for fresh ideas, networking opportunities, interesting project proposals, and motivated people sharing our commitment.

Spread the word and help us to reach more people!


We guarantee that donations are used in order to improve the education opportunities of children in less-developed regions of the world. All donations are used exclusively for supporting our partner projects.

It is straightforward - you donate and we make sure your money goes directly to the cause.

Support the projects

What counts in the end is that children receive support in order to live a self-determined and happy life. Support for this cause does not necessarily have to go via Crossing Borders, we are happy to create opportunities for direct engagement within the projects

Check out the section "What does Crossing Borders do?" in order to learn more about our projects and their concrete support needs.

Providing Children with a Future (Mozambique)

The project aims at improving the living conditions of orphans, half-orphans, and children from impoverished families through a day-care center where better nutrition, emotional care, educational support as well as financial support for vocational training are provided.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries of the world, healthcare and educational systems are poorly developed, and unemployment is high. About 45 per cent of the population are illiterate, many youths are infected with HIV and child labor is common. The project supports two day-care centers for children from poor backgrounds. Children in need are directly supported by providing remedial teaching, regular meals and financial support. The project also supports activities that raise awareness for children’s rights and the responsibility of families and communities for their welfare. Crossing Borders support has helped to improve the quality of teaching, create new educational possibilities and erect a new school building.

How to support this project?

The project is looking for people willing to help selling calendars and memory books that are showcasing pictures that display the projects work. Companies can purchase bigger amounts and brand the products with their logo.


Marianne Brugger

CPS Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood


Namaacha, Impaputo (Mozambique)